My love should come back

by Mani (San Diego)

i still love her to the core whatever happend in our past.. We both love each other but when I proposed she said she don’t have feelings I am just a friend to her that statement is killing me since 8 moths after few days she said she choosed some other person in her life which literally killed me. With that pain I voozed heavily smoking heavily and now she came infront of me she is ignoring me I begged her literally she insulted me like anything which gave more and more pain. She directly said U r nothing in my life I don’t want you as a person Atleast in my life. I love her to the core and I cannot imagine my life without her I tried to die several times but fortunately I am still in this world

Please pray some miracle should happen very soon and she should come back me saying I need you in my life don’t leave me and go

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  1. Prayer did not work

    unfortunately my prayer did not work inspited everything went worse and I am fired off from job even

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