My love pls come back and marry me

by Shahrukh Alam ()

Hello my name is Shahrukh Alam and I want to share something..
From my childhood I have been struggling a lot with everything financial issues, family issues, my childhood dreams and people issues.
I have been gone through my worst period of time but some how I managed to stand still..
I found my peace and happiness in love only. Then, I fall in love when I was in school her name was Jyoti and she loved me back too but after few years when we moved to Universities she left me for some other guy. I was broke like hell I was devastated I was feeling suicidal and there were other issues also with me like family issues, financial issues and medical issues but when I was with her some how I almost forget my pain and problems.
In, the end she left me for someone else…
Then after so many years around 7 years I fall in love again with my office colleague Ashwini I done everything for her and I tried my best to impress her but she used me for everything like to get her a job and all that kind of stuff…

I was heart broken but still somehow I stand still…
I was also going through anxiety issues, suicidal thoughts, minor depression and anal fissure too but still somehow I stand still…..

Then, on last 12th of March 2020 I found someone a girl her name is Gulafsha and she loved me with my whole heart and I loved her also with my whole heart and we both want to marry each other but in return what I get her parents does not wants to understand our love for each other and they are now forcing her to marry someone else and on coming 15th of August 2020 she will get engaged with someone else whom she does not want to be engaged. She wants to marry me and she begged in front of her parents. According to her hope and strength she tried her best to convince her parents but her parents does not want to understand it. Today, I went to her hospital she is a Nurse by profession to meet her and convince her that we should do court marriage but she denied because she is helpless she lost all her hope, she lost all her strength she cried a lot in front of me. She really loves me with my whole heart and i love her too also so much. Why god is not seeing any of these why he is not helping us I don’t have faith and strength anymore to tackle all of these. Please I am begging you heavenly father please do one miracle in my life please give my love back in my life and let us marry each other. We both are broke like hell I don’t have any strength anymore god to handle all of your tests. I am tired and hopeless. Please don’t take anymore tests please do atleast one miracle in my life and give my back Gulafsha in my life my lover my soulmate please I am begging you.

I am done with everything god. I am done.

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