My Lord, i put my trust in you

by Eloise (San Antonio, Texas)

Lord, please help me. You have been so merciful with me. I have been blessed with an incredible Dad, Mom, sisters, brother, children and grandchildren. You have showed me how much you love me. You have answered so many prayers. When you knew ionly had 50 cents for gas and i didn’t know what I was going tofeed my children. As I walked back to my car after i gave my 50 cents for gas because i needed to get to work, you put a 20 dollar bill right under my foot. I praise your holy name and turned back in to store and got more gas and got my kids boloney, bread, fritos abig red. I felt like you had blessed me with a million dollars. Today, I come to you again, i am behind on my mortgage and car payment. Please look upon me with mercy and grant me a financial blessing to help me as you have before. Please forgive mefor looking for help from false idols. Upon my knees, i thank the for your help. Amen.

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