My life

Oh Heavenly Father, PLEASE assist me in this time of need in my life. I am trying so hard to do right but everything is all wrong. God, please give me and my family the strength to get through life without my dad. Please keep him at my side to continue to assist me and family with the hardships and confusions of everyday life. Second, please rid my body, mind, heart, and spirit of any previous viruses, dieases, bacteria, COD, paronia, asthma, pain, sickness, negative energy, evil spirits, vibes etc. Please Lord keep me safe, stay healthy, and let all my test be negative with no signs of danger. Please also let me be able to be able to have a child when the time is right. Third, God Please, help me to gain a lump sum of money to clear out ALL DEBTS that we owe. God also help me to regain all my savings back within a month. God please watch over me and my family at all times and keep us (especially me) out of harms ways. God please protect this house and my mom and I when we are leaving or coming in at ALL TIMES! God please let me pass my test Friday. Let me find a job really soon. Let me be able to work in a good safe environment and let me go back to school for nursing.. Lord, please help me to get my apt and be able to maintain a stable life. God lastly, PLEASE help get him out of jail and all cases on him dropped…! All things are possible through you Lord Jesus! AMEN!

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