my life, relationship and pregnancy

by Shay (Ny)

Dear The Lord of my life Jesus Christ,

Father , I ask that you put your holy hands and guide and protect my family from the wicked one the devil himself Satan.

I pray you bless my pregnancy and may my son always be a true precious blessing and reminder to my soulmate and I of your eternal blessings and love over our life because you say in you word in james every good and perfect gift comes from above.

I pray for those who are spiritually blind to be set free and any hindrance the devil has tried or will try to attack us with I pray you rebuke it and send it back to the pit of hell. I pray for my soulmate and I to grow closer to ypu lord and learn to communicate and be in a true loving wholesome relationship that is pleasing and holy to glorify your true nature God and that is deeply uplifted in your shape love.

I pray for my depression to lesson and you guide my life is your endless light and give me strength to get through each day with your holy presence and joy in my heart mind soul spirit. I pray for you to watch over my son as your are creating him inside me for 9 months and protect guide discipline our family moving forward. In Jesus heavenly name I pray. Amen.

Hallelujah to the Lamb that was slain for our transgressions. God bless you Holy and awesome pure Lord. I love you father. Save me heal me posper us in your wisdom.

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