My life is upside down

(Bronx )

Dear Lord, you alone know my heart and what I am going through. My husband to be pretty soon is going through a lot and he is not even interacting with me. He says he needs time alone. We have been through a lot since day 1 of our meeting. God please help us overcome every obstacle in our way. Help us use this relationship glorify your name and make the devil know that he’s never a winner with you on our side. I put the health of his mom in your hands. She’s currently in da hospital please God heal her. God help us make it in this life. Also, I pray for my family and for unity to reign in my family because there is a lot going on. I pray for my school and for knowledge because I cannot study anymore. What I study does not stick into my brains anymore please God help me . Help me straighten my life and help me n my partner stand still and overcome every obstacle in our lives. I love you God and I know you will help me in this my situation amen

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