My life is a mess-I pray for a miracle

by Paul (San Antonio, Texas)

O holy St Jude please hear my heart I know I dont deserve the great grace of God but I’m alive. I’m lonely unemployed and really desperate. But I need to pray for others before I pray for myself. I pray that my son is always blessed and is always a servant of God.

I pray for my parents without them in my life I dont know what would be of me. I know I haven’t been the greatest son but I thank you for still having them amd I want to return the favor for them by finishing school getting a great job and blessing me with a beautiful God fearing woman named Julissa. I feel everything has led me to her in my life and in my heart I know she is the one.

Please show her heart not to be scared and open it and let love in. I ask that both our sons become servant of God and do his work and may the always be protected by a ring of Gods fire. I pray that my friend Bernice be led to the light and for chains of addiction and guilt be broken and happiness fills her heart again.

She has it actually worse than myself but she is like a sister to me. God I pray for peace in everyone’s heart in the world and food and shelter. With God everything and anything is possible. ;
In Jesus Holy Name I Pray Amen

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