~My Landlord stressed & frustrated me yesterday~

by Darla ()

Why did my Landlord have to pick the moving day of the anti social neighbours to text me to say he wanted to come and speak to me at the flats where me and the anti social neighbours have been living at 6:30 pm last night. Because that was really awkward ~it meant instead of me leaving it late enough in the day until I could be sure they had gone to come back home I had to come back earlier and yes they were still there! I said to the Landlord in a text message if there was any chance they were still there it would have to be another day for him to come round and speak to me. So because they were still around moving their stuff out I thought my Landlord wasn’t coming round last night,but then he turned up anyway at 9:30 pm when I was exhausted and just about to lie down and go to sleep! He didn’t even tell me he was still coming round and he could easily have texted me to tell me! Excuse me please whilst I call him a name.He’s a d***head! He made me feel tense and uncomfortable,when I just needed relaxation and peace,because I had really been walking around a lot yesterday up hills and stairs so I could be our the way whilst the anti social neighbours moved out.

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