my landlord is threatening to close down my restaurant

by Bongiwe (South Africa, Free State)

Lord thank you for my life. Thank you for my children. Thank you for my husband and thank you for my whole family.

Lord please help me. Last year I opened the Restaurant with your messy. I struggled to put together everything but through your mercy I was able to open a restaurant. Today I’m in debts and my landlord is threatening to close down my restaurant because I owe him rent of R60 000. The business did not do well last year and only now in 2017 is starting to pick up. I can see the light. But I have to closedown the restaurant. I have more debts and my life is full of pain and sadness. I used so much money to but all those equipment to start the business and now it’s hard to accept that I’m going to loose it. Please Lord, open the doors of light. Help me to see the light. My debts are keeping me awake night and day. I can’t stop crying when I think of how hard I worked to get the restaurant off the ground. I need your miracle Lord! Help me get money and pay off these debts so that I can change people’s lives. I’m stressing about my employees, what are they going to do when I close the restaurant. Families will suffer Lord. Please help me.

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