My Kingdom Calling

by Samantha Young ()

I know that God placed a calling on my life and I need help walking right. I am a recovering addict I slip up even still, even more when I’m trying to truly walk right. When I woke up to my calling and how lust, sexual immorality, and addiction has held me back I started truly walking right but then my health was attacked in 3 different ways. I was running a home health care company & knew things weren’t right, I was convicted over it. I told God i would move when I heard him, then o did and tried to rationalize with Him as to why I couldn’t leave my job. He then removed me the next week when I fired a two time no call no show, I was fired the same day for overstepping my boundaries. He has held me up above the water. I know how great he is and my faith moves mountains but every time I hear the call and get ready to answer it the temptations the attacks on my finances and health flood all over my life. I want so desperately to be the light so many people have told me God was preparing me to be and I know NOW more than ever it is time for me. I just don’t feel strong enough I feel truly dismayed. My home church does not reach out to me & I am completely isolated except for all my little’s (kids). I do not know where else to turn and after I read a few things from you all I decided I might as well try to reach out for a lifeline of prayer. I need a clear direction I need financial blessings I need healing in my family I need to die for me and live for him. I can hear Him and the TRUMP-ets getting louder and louder I DO NOT WANT TO FAIL HIM I MUST GO BACK INTO THE DARKNESS & SHINE MY LIGHT TO HELP OTHER’S COME TO KNOW HIS LOVE & FAITHFULNESS.

Thank you all so much I could keep going but I will end it there.

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