My Job Prayer as I approach 66 years

by Kathlynn (Arlington, Virginia, USA)

Father God – there is no place as safe as in your arms and in the center of Your will… I come to you today in humble prayer and in knowing faith. You ARE a Good GOOD Father and you bestow the best of gifts on your children when we seek your will first…

Help me – Guide me -TODAY to the job that You have for me… to the City where you want me to thrive in You. Lead me Oh Heavenly Father by the hand of Jesus and the control of thy Holy Spirit. Make straight my pathway and place me where my life will glorify you and will testify to others of the providence and sufficiency of God.

Provide for me today the job that will meet my needs financially and that will bring joy as I work unto You each day. I thank you for hearing my heart and for truly Loving and Providing for me. I thank you for the job you are preparing and that you will give to me in your perfect timing. Help me to keep my heart, my mind, my spirit, and my body focused on doing your will and knowing that you ARE Jehovah Jirah -my Provider! Thank you Jesus, Thank You God, for my new job!! Amen / AMDG