My Inspiration and Realization

Dear Lord, I come to you in prayer today for humbleness and thanks. You finally made me realize that all is going to be alright and I will not have to go through the terrible trials and trubulations that I had so dreaded. Yes, I would have known before now had something been terribly wrong.

I was too stubborn to realize that and you had me sit down and figure it all out for myself and you gave me the feeling I had been begging you for. It took me over three months to finally find the peace I had been searching for and now I have found it because of you. I had to think it all out which is the way I always have to and you were my guidence toward that. I praise you, my Lord for your understanding and love for me.

I know you love you and I truly feel your love for me. I see why others can feel that because they are true Christains. I have changed and become a better person because of what you put me through and I promise to honor and worship you for the rest of my days. I know now I have a place in Heaven with you, Lord and I look forward to that glorious day when I can be with you for enternity!!! I promise to keep my tithing to you, Lord and to make up for last Sunday when I did not go to church. I will place an extra tithing in the bag for you, Lord.

You are my Saviour and my Salvation and I promise to be faithful and to worship you forever! You are awesome and great and I bow down to you in worship each and everyday for the rest of my life. Thank you, Lord! You have given me great faith unto you. In YOUR NAME I pray!! AMEN!!!

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