My illness has led to poverity, loneness homelesness

Please my lord, i am deplete of hope, lost friends, family and dignity. I mearly became disabled and now have waited for my social security for several years making me sicker and more depressed as i am not able to help other while homeless and fearful.
I believe in your grace and ask for assistance in prayer from your loyal believers that taking my life is not the answer.

But i cannot survive without my dignity for which i have lost along with my loved ones. Please allow me to breakthrough the hold on my finances to become the person i know you want me to be. Heal my heart and soul and body that i may be the person you intended, Should i die before i become complete and good with you, then bring me with you. Forgive my sins and suffering. I believe jesus died and rose from the dead to forgive us. Forgive me and set me free from the chains that bind me. Amen

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