My husbands protection over his new job opportunity

by Leslie (Zimbabwe)

I thank you Lord for being our fighter

I pray holy spirit that today as my husband is supposed to start work, nothing will be a hinderance. I pray holy spirit that you may fight on his behalf even when his new CEO is saying he has someone already when he has been approved by the directors of the company .may you cause him to find favour in your eyes so that things go according to what we have asked from you,a job.thank you Jehovah because you said in your word in hebrews 6:13-18
that Your promises are never in vain and you never lie to us .

May you show it in this seasons that your word is true.though my husband is still a spiritual baby you will harken to my prayers so he also can see the power in Praying and fasting .i Pray all this in Jesus’ name Amen

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