My husbands life is in your hands God

by Johnson (Garland,Tx)

I come to you this night begging and pleading for only the mercy and miracles you can bring forth. The tragedy that has taken place not only hurt my husband but those who live him. Please go to him even though he lacked going to you. Save him for me and our daughters save him because to me he’s worth saving. He wasn’t himself when what happened came to past. He just was weak and allowed the drugs and alcohol take him to a place he knew nothing of. I don’t question why this took place I just ask you Heavenly Father for mercy. Those that look at him like he’s a monster are mislead by their own judgement. But I know you know his beautiful heart and that he’s a good man. Forgive him for he’s sins and allow him to come to you and repent. Please continue bringing your Angels of Mercy to guide and protect us during this time. Guide the judge and the jury. Give them an open mind to hear him and realize he needs help. Allow them to dig deep and truly get the understanding to what drive him down this rode. And whoever you apoint to fight for his life does so with the words and representation that only you can provide. Keep him safe and provide for him when he can’t provide for himself. Protect my family from the harshness that is going around. Quite the situation down and out of the news for our daughters well being. Please Heavenly Father I’m begging you with my whole heart to allow my husband one last chance at life to get it RIGHT. Because I know you wouldn’t have allowed us to have such a beautiful family not to have the head of our household in it. I have sinned and I repent my sins and I asked for forgiveness. I asked that you allow use to get a good nights sleep and that you protect us and our surroundings. I pray for all of your creation in and on this earth. I pray for my neighbors and for my enemies. And for each and every thing of you creation that’s less fortunate than me. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

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