My husband to want to save our marriage

by Michela (San Antonio, Texas)

I have been married for three years. He has put his mother and children before me and my son 6 months into the marriage. He claims to be christain but a few months ago he used his position as a police officer to scare me and I moved out. He left the marriage for theee days before that and didn’t tell me where he was. He had been threatening me with divorce and I kept praying GOD would help us. I moved out and have been through so much. He left me in so much debt and I looked up things and it seems he has personality traits of a narcissist. However the man I married was a godly man. This man I do not know today. He is mean to me. I filed for divorce only to save me to get help finically. I do not want a divorce and I know God is able. We both have areas to fix and my prayer is that God would crush his pride and his mother would get outta the way. That thw man that goes to church 3 times a week will come back to his wife and we can be reconciled. I miss his, the man I married not the man he is today. This is his third marriage and I care what will happen if he goes through with this. His mother has sown seeds of discord and he never did what scripture said to cling to your wife. I am on my own with the Lord right now and I sent him a text today after coming across reconciled relationships and reached out and said I am willing to get help and I forgive you and want to fix this. We are married and I want to be reconciled and fix this. You would look honorable to come and save your marriage vrs throwing me out like you did. That is what God desires. I need him to come and love me again. I can’t beg him anymore it seems to turn them off and if you can pray God will remove the people sowing discord and break his heart if stone and give him a heart of flesh. Our problems root are financial

And his adult kids that live with us and his parents that tell us how to live because its their house. I don’t wanna be in their house anymore. I was told when I married they just come to visit. They are there now. He broke my heart and his mother is very evil. I know God is able. We haven’t even given one chance to counsling because he thinks he was better off alone. Please pray God will reconcile us. That all the opions of others fall to the ground and he comes back and we can forgive each other.

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