My husband is abusive to me

by Tess ()

Please, Lord, open my husband’s heart, open his mind to see me and love me as I should be. Please open his mind and heart to be closer to you.
He is not a loving man, he puts himself before all others, he is judges very everyone harshly, but mostly me, his words are vulgar and cruel and are constantly breaking me down. He tells me that I am fat, obese, even after I worked so hard to be active and lost 50lbs. he lusted after other women around me and broke my heart. No matter what I do it’s never enough or good enough for him. I have no worth in his eyes, he controls my life in every way, I have no rights of my own not even to see family or to have any friends. I am his servant only. I want you to please open his every thought and action, to touch him and heal him, to cleanse him of evil and the demons that control him, I know you can Lord, I have faith you can make him whole again, I have been a witness to your holy power. I pray to you Jesus by your blood Jesus, that he can be made whole again. I still love him and want to have a full life with him complete whole with you in both our hearts and minds. I want us to walk in the light of Christ Almighty as a witness to his holy power and be an example of his undying love for us all, and share his gift to others that anything is possible with faith in God.
I ask the one and only father to have mercy on me please Lord see me and hear me, I am here, your child lost hurt and so alone, please hear me, Lord, let your spirit come over me and my husband Scott. Amen

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