My husband has left our home. Help us Lord

by Kelly (Texas)

Please pray for me and my two children. My husband has been having an affair for 9 months and he says he loves her and can’t give her up. We have been together 15 years and have a son (12) and a daughter (7). The children are confused of course, but my son especially, blames me. I haven’t told them the real reason their dad left our home, so my son thinks I’ve done something to make his dad leave us.

My little girl is just so sad. I’m doing the best I can to support them, but it seems such a big burden to take. I know the hardest part is to come, when he files for divorce and I will be picking up the pieces for a long time. I’m brokenhearted about my lost marriage, and need guidance, serenity, and strength for myself and my children for a better future.

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