My husband got his job back

My husband is 61 year old , used to work for a Tool and Die Company.The last three years the company started to go down and my husband got laid off.It is hard to get a new job when somebody is close to retirement. I prayed o lot as usual, and cried out loud for help because not only my husband was without job I did not have one either.One day the first miracle happened my husband accidentally met with an old co-worker on the street, who was kind enough to get him join in his workforce.

This co-worker gave food as well for my husband and gave him a ride almost every day.I could not believe it.I was so overwhelmed with God’s care and assistance.I sad to my husband , see God is good, He knows about good timing, when and what we need.It is wonderful blessing for us.That job was not giving enough money for the bills but still was a huge blessing for us.

The second miracle happened when the old company called my husband back to the Tool and Die business, after one year and three months, and from that moment the money started to flow in to our purse.Thank Lord, Thank you St.Jude.Love and Peace. Agnes