My husband and I have been apart for a few years, help us Lord


My husband and I have been apart for a few years, its been a whole year since we have seen each other, my children as well. When we were together, we were fine but we lived a hard life. I left my husband for awhile to have are third child, which I thought was temporary. He promised to come back to us. We lived in Mexico with him, but it was to stressful and hard for us. Its been two years since he one day just quit calling us and I barely know anything about him anymore. There are many lies I still am trying to figure out. We both made many mistakes and I learn to forgive him. He seems to not be able to forgive me. I really hurt him when I left, i would had never left his side for the time being if I knew this outcome would happen. I want to be together again, all of us as one. I know he still loves us very much, but I think there is somebody else who has taken my spot. I have tryed to move on, but I cant, He has my heart. Please help, and help me find a solution. I will return back to him, if i have to so we all can be together again.

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