My Hope For A Better Future

My Lord, I come to you in prayer for the hope of a much better future. I pray that I make the right decisions and can better serve you as a Christian. I started back to church and plan to make this a weekly ritual to show my thanks and praise to you for all you have done for me. I have not always listened to you when you spoke to me. I now know my gut instincts have been you all along. I know you are with me each minute of each day. You are my Saviour who washed away all my sins and I am still a sinner who struggles each day to not be angry and bitter at those who have wronged me and seem to find joy in doing these things. They are sinners and need to ask forgiveness for their sins, as well. Without repentence and repeating their actions, they will have to answer for this in the end. We are all not perfect and should try to do better each day.

Lord, I have been so unhappy for a very long time and need your guidence. I have not found happiness and spend a lot of time alone without a special person to share my life with. I have been praying you would send someone into my life for years. I realize it will happen only in your time and not mine. I know it has to be your will for this to happen. So I will continue to pray for that and not try to keep looking in the wrong places for a good Christian person. I know I am not as young as I use to be and it will be much much harder for me now and if it is not for me to have someone, then I have to accept your will. You know my heart and that is something I want and need so badly in my life. It is hard to see my other friends find someone to share their life with and I am still alone.

O Lord, I pray each day it gets better and better for me. I pray that I can find peace and not be burden with heavy debts. I pray I will have all my debts paid off when I retire in a little over three years. I pray that I do not have to go through any more hardships as I had to this past year and you know what I had to go through right after Christmas and a few days ago. I pray nothing else happens concerning this. I have suffered enough, Lord and I cannot keep being hurt like this. My health cannot withstand much more of this. I pray you show mercy upon me for this and let it go and let me move on. I have become wiser and less trusting of others who pretend to be Christians and are not! There are hypocrites out there who use your name to do evil things. Those are the ones who you will deal with in the end for their evil ways. No one can keep prospering like that at other’s expense.

I pray for prosperity and forgiviness of all my sins for you are my loving and forgiving Heavenly Father. I beg you to answer my most important prayer of finding peace and happiness and can look forward to a brighter future. I need a shift or change in my life to come in what few years I do have left. Please do not foresake me, Lord! Protect me from financial ruin and keep me safe.

I pray for my family and my friends. I want each to be happy and my three good friends who have health problems be healed or reduce the pain they are suffering. I pray for my daughter that she may find a job and get her son back. I pray she gets back to living a good life as she once did many years ago.

I pray for my son and his family that they have a better life. I pray for all who are suffering and those who are sick. I pray for all who come to you in prayer asking for your help, Lord. For I pray this in your name, Jesus! AMEN

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