My heart is weak and I need help for survival

by James (Boston, Ma)

I’m breaking down and need help from God too many stresses are taking over. I’m 24 and was charged for a federal crime of conspiracy and set up by who i thought was a friend.

I have to fight this but I am scared. I also have problems with my job because I’m suspended until everything is cleared.

I’m in school but my studies are suffering because of all the stress. Please pray that i am fearless and I am found not guilty or the case is dismissed

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  1. I understand~

    I too was wrongly accused once. It took 2 years and 19 court appearances to become vindicated. If not for my faith in God I never would have made it.. It is sickening when you know the truth, and the whole world around you still paints you guilty. The 2 of us know now how Jesus felt when he was falsely accused. For that reason young man I think he is hearing your plea. Never give up fighting for the truth. I swore I wouldn’t, even if it meant death to me.. But praise God. The truth came out. I know that prosecutors don’t give a damn about the truth. They only care about a conviction. It’s like your fighting the devil. Just don’t give up son. In my prayers.

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