my heart is shattered over a breach in an emotionally close relationship

by CMDB (California)

my heart is shattered over a breach in an emotionally close relationship. I’m confused about what happened, the sequence of events and the situation is very complex, involves other parties, but I honestly don’t understand why he is so angry with me. Just 2 weeks ago he told me we wer still best friends…then I tried to repair things further by reaching out to another person involved”all with good intentions”but it backfired and now he has cut me off what he says is permanently. But no real explanation , He refuses to communicate with me and in fact has blocked me in every way. We have been good friends for 7 years, and the past year especially was one of growth and healing. So I’m very confused, I’m grieving, yet trying to remain in love and compassion.

I love this man deeply, and pray our friendship can be repaired for the highest good of all involved.
If our relationship is not for our highest good for some unknown reason, I pray we can at least have emotional closure together in a deep way that leaves us both feeling at peace and loved. Right now it hurts to even breathe but I want to heal and take care of myself. I miss my best friend so much. I love him with all my heart, and trusted the bond we shared. But parts of me are beginning to question my perception, something I’ve never had trouble with before.
We are part of a very small faith community which makes this situation even more difficult.
I need Gods help so much. Thanks for your prayers.