My hateful brother

by Maryanne (Sydney Australia)

Our mum is very frail. Mum is 83. She has been loosing weight and needs to go into care.. She is confused and is reluctant to get the medical help she needs.

My father died 30-years ago. Mum always kept her eldest son at home. He is an alcoholic 53 years old. My younger brother lives overseas.
I hAve been trying really hard to communicate between the 3 of us what’s best for mum.
I am not equipped to help financially for mums care though she owns her own property and there is enough money to go around when she goes to God.

. There is a whole lost of nastiness happening Especially from the brother who lives overseas. Both boys gave up their religion long ago.
We need desperately out of respect for our beautiful mum.
I cannot speak to my younger brother – as he verbally abuses me in relation to money. He owns his own home.

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