My girlfriend broke up with me two weeks ago. I pray that God brings us back together

by Miguel (Texas)

I pray that God brings us back together, I love her.

When we were in the relationship we did not honor Christ,
we lived a sinful life.
I want a re do.
I want more than anything to have her by my side,
I want to worship God with her.
I want to marry her, those are my desires.
Recently saw that she blocked me on my phone, social media everything.
She did it to try and get over me quicker.
I haven’t given up, I emailed her last night telling her how I felt about all this and she has not responded.
Would you pray that God softens her heart, and allows me to have that second chance to be in a relationship with her.
She moves in 3 months, 4 hours away. I know its not that far but I worry.
I am publishing a poetry book in the next few months dedicated to her.
She was my best friend, we spent each day with each other and now that she is gone there is a huge void in my heart.
Thank you brothers and sisters who pray for her and I sincerely.
I love each of you.