My fiancé and I got into an argument two weeks before our wedding

by Jay (Pennsylvania)

My fianc and I got into an argument over 3 months ago about two weeks before our wedding. The law got involved and there was a restraining order against me. She eventually dropped it, but moved out of her house in with her mom. She is currently 8 months pregnant with our son. I never put my hands on her or threatened her. I just said some really mean things and yelled a lot.

I’ve prayed countless hours for this to work out so we can have a happy family tougher. I’ve seen a lot of miracles happen. The order was dropped and we are now in counseling together. I’ve made a lot of changes in my life and have asked for forgiveness and for the Lord to change me and he has. I love her so much and she says she loves me and wants to work things out. She is afraid to be alone with me due to her PTSD. I’ve given her all the space she needs and promised not to contact her unless she contacts me. She hasn’t yet other than through our joint therapy every two weeks.

Pleae pray her fear goes away and her love for our family grows stronger so we can live a happy while life together. I’ve been in a pit of anxiety and depression over the past few days.

Please pray that our baby grows healthy in her and it comes into this world with a married mom and dad who love one another and trust each other again. Please pray she reaches out to me soon so we can work on us in and out of counseling.

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