My father in heaven, I come before your throne of mercy, broken

by Miriam (Malaysia)

My father in heaven, I come before your throne of mercy, broken. Lord my dear son who is so dear to me is changed. He does not believe in you anymore. It breaks my heart to know that he has left his faith.

He was always praised for his wonderful countenance. About three years ago, a cousin of mine prayed over him and asked that his countenance remain like this always. However, he slowly changed and he is no longer a believer nor the happy and cheerful and loving person he once was. The saddest thing is last year he started taking weed.

I am deeply saddened by his actions these days. The biggest hurt is him not acknowledging You, Lord. I pray Lord that my son will come back to you with all his heart and soul. That whatever evil forces that’s holding him back is broken. I break all chains of curses, sighs, envy and mournings from my son and for all the children of the world in Jesus most precious name.

Lord Jesus you are our shepherd and your word says you will not leave any lost sheep behind. I claim this promise for not only my son but for all erring brothers and sisters in the whole world. I pray with all my heart that he himself will want to give up smoking and drinking. I pray with all my heart for a miracle; this is impossible to man but all things are POSSIBLE with GOD. I thank you Lord Jesus. Please help me. May my prayers be heard. In Jesus’s most holy name. Amen, Amen, Amen.

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