My family’s financial hardship

by Emily Freeman (Goldsboro, NC)

Dear Lord, I am praying that you continue helping my family through this rough time. We are working very hard to get back on our feet. I need this financial blessing not only for my family but for my sisters also since I have given them a place to live as they also struggle.

You know my heart Lord and you know that I give it all to you and I can see you are working in my life and my sisters. Please Lord let the Mortgage Company see there mistake and stop foreclosing procedures on my house and now my sister and her family’s home also. I surrender it all too you. I will continue to work with the bank knowing that you are giving them the guidance to find errors and restore my loan. If the mistake is mine and I owe the bank some money I pray that you send me the blessing needed to keep our home. In your name I pray AMEN.

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