My Family

by RA (Texas)

God my life is nothing without you in it. God I come to you on bended needs asking you to lift my brother and his boys up. God they need you so much God. Im not coming for my self God my nephews and my brother need you. My brother has been depressed and is a what you would call a functional drug addict. God I am asking you to lift him up and cleanse his heart, God he is a good person he just has lost his way. God please guide him. also lift his kids up God please change the way their are leaving and let them see they wouldnt be a live if it wasnt for their father. He has always been their for them.Bod Bless my girls and keep them safe. God let my daughter do the right things for herself to be successful thru you. also God heal my child and let me be able to see her pain God then bless my entire family and my extended family. In Jesus name i pray

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