my family reunited

by Kevin (19149)

My hope has been set on me and my family reunited because we have split up.I am at my parents house and she is at her grandma’s house.we have a 2 year old beautiful daughter that we both love so much.I woke up today hopen the pain would go away and it feels stronger.I have dreams and I can’t handle the dreams that one day i may never be able to fullfill that happiness again in my life.I hope this makes us stronger and if there’s a next time we will be much stronger together.I am weak feeling and hopeless.I need the Lord’s light to shine on me and give me hope of change and better.I am feeling the way to go about this is no more hurt or more thinking of eachother in the worst way and believe in eachothers love and wants and we have so much to offer eachother and I just need to know that one day we will love and make it work.thank you lord you.