My family needs a financial miracle.

by Renne (Kempner, Tx)

Lord I ask you today for some financial help, in June I had to vet out of the army because i had no one at the time to watch my children, I came back from deployment to my utility bills not getting paid, money had been spent without care by the people that were taking care of my children, then with health problems and an injury I had to have surgery then on top of that I was told that i couldnt have anymore children lkrd and you blessed us with a beautiful baby girl in October since i have given birth i found out that the area i had surgery on has to be opened again to fix the plate and screws that wede put in, my boyfriend works but does not mame enough. Lord I let my pride vet the best of me a.d now we cant pay our rent or even our electric bill thats gone unpaid for three months, lord i am asking you today lord for your help once again. Lord I ha e prayed a many days to you for my son and i thank you for watching over him and guiding him’ lord i thank you for watching over my children while i was deployed, thank you lord for bringing me home to my family. Lord we really need a miracle before we become homeless. In Jesus name i pray amen.