My Family Desperate Need for God’s Intervention.

by Mary Nathan ()

Good Morning Prayer Family, hope all is well..I went to visit my sisters this past weekend and it didn’t go so well😟..I went with God’s grace and positive vibes..but one sister didn’t even what too show me love…I was shocked, hurt and then I let that affect my good energy and I text her some harsh words. I haven’t seen my sisters in 2yrs…I was feeling like I did something wrong in which I know that I didn’t…in my opinion when a person is not happy they will try and bring someone down into their unhappiness.but there was some good in my visit with my other sister we where getting along, until we got into a heated argument…about our sister behavior…I trust in our lord and savior to guide my family out of this dark place that we are in…bc this is so heart breaking to experience a divided and broken family…I’m asking my online prayer family to please pray for my family….There is so much uncertainty happenning in the world…with this Coronavirus, Unemployment, Most Parents including myself are not sending our child or children back too school.Racism has always been apart of our society, but its just full blown a nightmare..but on the flip side all cultures and religions are speaking out against it…there is hope for a diverse unity…despite all this chaos…I give God the glory…these are just test too see how well (I) we handle life trials and tribulations do we swim or do we drown…I perfer to swim…and rejoice with our lord and savior that I didn’t give up…Amen

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