My family and marriage, Unit Us Lord

I ask in Jesus name that my husband open his eyes and heart to our children and our marriage! I ask for Jesus to heal his heart from lies from his family and friends. Jesus I ask he spend time with us!

I ask he love us like never before and for him to see how the kids and I need him along with his love and time! I ask that he put us on top of his list before his beer and his so called friends! I ask Jesus to show him that they lie to him and want him to hate me his kids and my family! Jesus I pray that you open his eyes and show him that I have always stood by his side and show him the truth on how his so called friends and some of his family wants for him to leave us! Jesus please show him how me and my family have always been there for him!! Jesus show him how he has hurt us by cheating and lying and betraying me!! I also pray for him to repent and ask for forgiveness!

I pray he repents his cheating and his betrayal to me and our kids! I ask that he stop cheating and stop keeping secrets!! Jesus I ask for him to want to be a great faithful husband and a great father! I pray that he will spend time with us and want to be with us more often! I pray for any bad spirts of lust lies cheating or adultery and witchcraft to stay always from our family marriage and our business!! In Jesus name!!

Thank you Jesus for a good outcome of uniting our family and marriage!!! I thank you Jesus for a happy family and happy marriage!! I pray for us to be best friends and for us to talk more and I pray for love and peace and no fighting!! Thank you in Jesus name!!