My families well being

by Maria (Smithtown New York `)

Please dear Jesus help us through this time in our life when we have so much responsibility and debt. Our children are in need of much guidance and help from us. Please allow us prosperity and enough to be able to get them through life. Allow us enough that we can take care of all our responsibilities and needs. Please father you know what is in our hearts help our dreams come true for our children. We need to help them get started with their life with a good education and good opportunities to experience as much as they can. Please always remind us to make teaching them your love first and foremost. This is a very difficult time financially please help us figure things out and work everything out the way that it should. We pray and ask for your protection. We need it now more then ever. Father please surround our children with good things and good people. Please fill them with love and friendship and the true meaning of living close to you. Help my husband by providing him with health and a good mental state so he may continue to work hard provide and make good decisions for our family. Help me with this new job that I may do well and be able to help and take care of my responsibilities as well. Father please be with us in everything help us to be mindful of your blessings and of the needs of others as well. we pray for everyone who is asking on this site that you may come to all of us as you always do and bless each and everyone of us. please help my son mature also and learn to have a good work ethic. he needs to know the importance of his education. I pray father you protect him with his grades and his decisions. please help my daughter in college find good friends and people around her that she can feel comfortable with. help her find her direction and her happiness. give her strength and your love to make her choices right. jesus without you we are nothing. please keep us alive by loving you and being close to you always.

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