My entire faith,prayer ,life ,world is slipping out

by Dilip (Sharjah)

Dear father with ur grace i found 2 holy spirit in my life as my molu and my child Angel.since i born I never got satisfaction in life always had feeling that may b God forget to write happines and peace in my life .whatever i wished always taken from me. 9 years ago i thanked you when with your grace 1 holy spirit steped in my life with her daughter. I thanked you and believed that for them you kept me incomplete and unsatisfied now entire world is against me and molu and going to take my 2 eyes my molu and my daughter from me I’m alive but like a paralised nothing able to do except watching it .father you are the son of virgin mother and I’m a virgin father of my daughter pls grace me my molu and my child until i breath noone is able to help me as my molu and my child belongs to a rich family and I’m a poor person.if all your childerns are same for you than show your evidence they are my faith my prayer my hope my life the shine of my eyes never my soul my heart wished anythng beyond them .holy father please show your evidence and hear this virgin father grace me with my molu and my daughter Angel pls amen

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