My Dear Son

by Brenda (Maryland)

Our Loving Father who died on the Cross to save us so that we will live forever. I have prayed to you for so many things. You have always came though for me. sometimes it was very quick, sometimes I had to wait for your answer and sometimes what I prayed for you knew that I didn’t need and that prayer was not answered.

Today I come to you with my head hung low. My son can’t seem to find a job and keep it. He always focuses on all the bad things and never the good things. He is very smart and surely he must know that he needs to work, but something always makes him hate it. Lord, show him that everybody must work to pay their bills. Please let him understand that I can’t continue paying his bills on the little social security check I receive each month. Let him understand that I have maxed out all my credit cards to pay his bills and I have no other source left to pay his bills. He has a home that we paid for with the promise that he would pay us payments each month. this has not happened. I have paid his bill for the last 20 years. I have bought a couple of trucks and now I’m paying his car payment. Jesus, please show my son that he must not concentrate on the bad things at work, but find the good things. Just one of the good things is the fact he has a job. Another is he has transportation to get to work, the main thing is that You let me wake up each morning to go to his work. show him that not a lot of people like their job, they just know that they must continue to work just to survive. He has 2 beautiful little girls that you blessed him with, he needs to show them now that you must work to have things. If this is not taught to them when they are small, they may turn out looking for money from family and expect them to give it to them. Show him that his girls look up to him for guidance and in order to give them the right advice, he must be doing all the right things himself. Jesus, let him know that I love him so much but the time has come for me to stop giving him all my money. He needs to make it on his own. He will feel so much better about himself knowing he pays his own way and everything he owns he has because he works and works every day. Show him the way to be happy at work. show him to look for all the good things and don’t look at any of the bad. Have him be the happy guy that he has always been and if he shows that happy attitude at work all will be fine. Thank you Jesus for allowing him to find this job and have him put a smile on his face that You was responsible for him finding this job. I prayed for a miracle for him and you came through for him. thank you so much for blessing my son.

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