My dear Lord please reveal yourself to Salvador

by Angie (Bolingbrook Illinois)

My dear Lord please reveal yourself to Salvador he may loose his job only because he refuses. To marry the mother of his children Jennifer

Please melt his heart and show him. The true meaning of rightfully taking his place. As a husband and father. I know he loves children and Jennifer but his fear is marriage. Although they have been together over 15 years. He lives in fear. Lord show him only to fear you. Help him keep his job at the Christian school. Melt his heart surrounded him him with godly people. Show him your love and cover him with your mercy. Open doors that only you can open. And close the doors only you can close
Remove all ungodly friends and thoughts
I know the Power in the Blood. And I know your faithfulness. Please help Salvador do the right thing for his family. I thank you my Lord for all you have done for my family I know you are the Author and the Finisher Please give Salvador a vision for his decisions. I trust in you. And I seek you as a daughter as a wife but mostly as a mother in urgent need. Bless you my Lord as I seek you and knock at the door of your heart and I pray that you will answer me again