My daughters Anorexia

by Nikki ()

Please pray for my daughter Lexie to surrender her eating disorder to God. She struggles with restricting (Anorexia) and binge eating. She also struggles with anxiety and she is in college, so she also binge drinks on the weekends. I pray that she will learn to care about what God cares about. I pray that she will realize that her body is a temple for the God’s Holy Spirit to dwell in and that she will love, honor and respect herself. I pray that God is preparing the perfect man for my daughter. Someone that will love, honor and respect her until the day she dies. I pray for a Godly man to find her and become a help mate for her to get through life together. I pray that Lexie will want to seek God’s word to gain wisdom about how to live her best life and how to have the abundant life that God wants her to have. I pray that she will be surrounded by good Godly mentors that can help her find the peace that she can only find through Christ. I pray that my daughter can use her eating disorder and her anxiety to be a witness to other people on how to give all of your problems to God and watch how he will deliver you through all of the trials in life. I pray that Lexie will have a blessed life full of love, peace and joy!

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