My daughter Taylor of 18 had an accident

by Alyson (Palm Bay, FL)

My daughter Taylor of 18 had an accident on 12/31/16. She passed out at work and split open her chin and broke her jaw in 3 places. She had her jaw wired shut for 3 weeks. She broke some bottom teeth. I pray for her quick recovery, because she is in dual enrollment on her last year of High School and it will be a struggle for her while being in so much pain. It will leave us financially broke, because we will owe 5,400 deductible before our insurance will cover anything. Then she will need money to be able to get her teeth fixed. We make alright money me and my husband, but we are deeply in debt. My daughter died 4 years ago and we are raising 3 of our grandchildren and receiving currently only 200.00 a month to cover everything for them, which has brought us in a lot of debt. Please pray

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