My daughter has completely written me out of her life

by Deborah (Cockeysville, MD, USA)

Jesus please help my daughter has completely written me out of her life all because I would not let her get a tattoo and because I wanted her to spend time with me. We had a horrible fight, I am devastated and not only she, but his new wife and my ex turned on me as well. It was bad enough I don’t even have a job and I used gas and money I should have used to pay bills and for food to travel quite a distance to go pick her up from where she was, only for her to turn around, pick a fight with me, and call someone to come pick her up and leave as soon as we got to my house. She is 19 and this rebellion started a few months ago but she screamed at me that she has hated me for almost her whole life. I am also worried that something horrible happened to her at college to bring on this behavior but she would never tell me. I am also worried that she may try to harm herself, please keep her safe. I am not able to see or talk to her now and this is killing me, but she is impossible to deal with because even when things are “ok” with us, there is this tension, sarcasm and attitude from her that is unreal. Please Jesus help me and heal this relationship. Thank you, Amen.

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