My daughter

by Mary ()

My daughter Rebecca has been having wrong tone of voice.snappy at her brother and her dad and i .due to the toxic she in with her toxic boyfriend Brian.for she needs her spiritual eyes to be open to see the abuse , controlling, lazy boyfriend she with and know its ok to get away from that unequally yoke relationship .she can’t serve the toxic boyfriend and being drag away from God not to follow Christ.brian wants full control of her to do everything he even not take on any. House hold responsibility inside and out.his family keep my husband, i our son not to have anything to do with his family or get daughter wants to marry this immure boy.who refused to do anything but play games and watch swearing movies, hell daughter is not his maid.he needs to affend for himself and do for himself stop smoking in the house to be respectful to her family.i have cancer don’t need to be around the smoke.he getting away with going to court for his false lies and putting the crime onto insent people and tear up my needs to stop.he needs to go to prison to serve his time.he did the crime he pay for the crime.please pray my husband to be back home sooner then what these false people who are trying to control him.persway him into stuff that not right.i need our marriage and my husband to take care of me and our family back together.thank mre.havery.9/30/2021.

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