My Daughter

by Frankie Hutchens ()

Nicole, 48 y/o, married w/one bio daughter and one step-daughter. Looks, money, & things are her gods. She lacks respect for the marital institution when it concerns her friends, in fact Nicole lacks respect for just about anyone. If it isn’t her way, it’s wrong. She is mean, lacks humility and compassion. It was after I lost my husband And father of my children of nearly 47 years, 3 years ago, she continued to treat me disrespectfully when 2 months following Tim’s death I offered to travel from Florida to Georgia to help her when she had a hysterectomy (I had been counseled that I was not in any condition to help another but did so because she was my daughter) after Nicole’s behavior I was then counseled to take a break from the relationship until she apologized. Nicole doesn’t apologize to anyone for anything. Two years went by and I saw her at her at my husband’s grave, I said “hi Nicole“ and she told her sister I hated her. I offered to talk with her she agreed, expressed my love for her, washed her feet, asked for forgiveness for anything I have done to hurt her and she forgave me but she did not reciprocate. At that time she wanted me to take care of something which I did and she went back on her word in regard to having a relationship.
Nicole also has a relationship with my extremely angry, mean, cruel and sick sister in California who has been married 4 times and almost 5 and he was blessed to get away. And she causes havoc wherever she goes. Neither my brother nor I have a relationship with our sister.
Oddly, both my sister and daughter behave like my mother who has hurt me and the entire family tremendously and I had to stay away from my mother because of her destructive behaviors for the sake of my young family.
I know the Lord allows people in our lives and takes them out of our lives.
I would like prayer for The Lord’s spirit to come upon Nicole in a big way and show her herself and how she needs HIM and not money. And how she is hurting others by her behavior. I believe when Nicole gets in line with the Lord everything else will fall in place.

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