My Daughter

by Tawny ()

Jesus, please hear my prayer and cause other prayer warriors to read this and join with me. Help me to have the courage & strength to do whatever is nessesary to get my daughter back into my life.
Cps decided it was in my daughter’s best interest to give her to my abuser & ex husband. My ex messed me up so bad mentally & emotionally that I ended up trying to take my life so they took my daughter away. Now, I believe he has manipulated her into not having any communication with me at all. She is 15 now, and I haven’t seen her or talked to her in years.
Father God who art in Heaven, please have mercy on me. I know I hurt my daughter by giving up on life and choosing to numb the pain with drugs. I have since bettered my life as I’ve rededicated my life to you & ask for another chance to be apart of my oldest daughter’s life. I’ve had two other daughters since then and they would love to know their sister. Please soften my ex’s heart and convict him for keeping her from me for so long when he knows he used to do terrible things that caused me to have a nervous break down. Please let me know my daughter before she gets any older and I’ve completely missed out on her childhood. I’m asking for a second chance to show her I can be the mother that she deserves.
Let it be done in Jesus name.

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