My children need prayers for their relationships

by Mom (Michigan)

I have been blessed by God with twin 22 year old young adults. They are both having relationship problems at this time and i truly believe prayer will get them through.

My son was dating a young lady a few years older than him. I believe he was falling in love but apparently she was out on other dates when he wasn’t around, although he did find out soon after. After intense prayer he decided to give her another chance and she agreed, but the same problem repeated itself approximately 3 months later. Needless to say he was very upset with her and broke off the relationship.

He has since met another young lady, but the first is still deep in his heart, although he will never admit it. He says he’s extremely hurt and angry with her and won’t answer her texts or calls. I am praying that he could at least truly forgive her in his heart and speak to her to make peace in order for his new relationship to survive.

His sister, my beautiful daughter cannot find a decent man to share her time with. I believe God needs to intervene in this situation before she really gets out of hand and completely falls from his graces. I pray daily that God sends a “decent” young man into her life. I do not agree with the lifestyle she’s living and know our loving God doesn’t either.

I would like to Thank everyone that will pray along with me as we all love our children and only want what’s best for them God Bless all of you.

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