My children and grandchildren

by Darlene (West Virginia)

Father who art in Heaven, blessed is your name.may your will be done on earth as in Heaven, grant my family peace, love, joy and understanding . May our family walk hand In Hand with you fearing no evil, knowing you are Our Protector our Salvation. May our family walk in your path that leads us to the plan you have for our lives. May you help us grow in love and an undying desire to know you more every minute of every day, may we know and realize to fear you Father for this is the beginning of wisdom. I pray that each one that doesn’t know you as Lord and Savior that you might speak to their hearts and help them to place their faith and trust in you, forgive any of their unbeliefs and let them gain knowledge of the true Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for the obstacles that Satan has placed in front of them to be torn down and shattered by your very presence. I ask for your protection of us all, knowing that each step we take will be rooted in the faith of knowing the great sacrifice that was given to each of us that we might be saved. Forgive our sins, Father and help us to overcome the evil one. I know you are our source of life, may you show my children and grandchildren the love and peace that only comes from you. Keep us as a family healthy and strong that we may spread your Word, and help lost souls to be turned toward you. May you keep angels near us for protection, and may we all choose to stay away from anything that might harm or cause us to fall to the wicked ways of sin.. Put in our hearts a strong desire to serve you, and strengthen the bond of family, may we become together as one living only to serve you our Lord and Master, creator of all life, Victor over death Hell and the grave ,and may the love and reverence of you become our daily passion.

In your sweet and wonderful Som’s name I pray!