My Child has been diagnosd with a Rare Disease and am in bits

by Jane (United Kingdom)

My child has just been diagnosed with Hirschurprungs disease. It only affects 1 in 5,000 children. I am struggling to understand why God would choose this burden for me. My child may need to.undergo surgery and get his intestines chopped to take the bits out and I cry every time i think of this.

I also may need to learn to change his stomache bag and I don’t think i can face it. I love my child and am angry and struggling at the moment. Am also pregnant and wonder if my next child would have it . Am young and married and my husband seems fine and strong but am in bits and my scared for letting my marriage down. I belong to a church but i feel like i cannot face going there at the moment as all my friends have healthy children and I don’t know what to say to them. I just want my baby healthy like theirs.

I need prayers to face this cup God has give to us as a family. I need prayers not to stay bitter at God but to thank him for this affliction trusting he knows best and love my child more than i do. I need prayers not to lose my faith along the journey that lies ahead. Thanks

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