My Call has been Renewed

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I give You Praise, dear Father, for you have taken me off the “bench” and are putting me into the game. Oh, I Thank You Jesus, You preserved me, from a “hostile-work-enviornment”, and told me to retire, Before all the government’s restrictions came down.
But. . . . You have put me in a “Reserve” position; You have Healed me from Cancer, and Revealed to me a ‘hidden-source of poison’, that was released- into my body, every day, through several abcess (es) by bad teeth. This made me tired, and ‘grumpy’, too-for Years, now!
And. . . You have preserved the life of my sweetheart, back, in January, by way of the ‘Extra’ fasting + prayer, one of Your Prophetic-Preachers, Strongly-Urged us to do, back in September & October’s ‘Jewish Festivals’.
I say again- ” Gracias, Dios; Gracias, Jesus-mio!” And If.. I have any request, its This-Now: ” That God would give me
” Favor-Quickly”;
You see, this is a very rural-area, and we tend to have short 3-month-summers, in the Eastern-foothills, of the Sierra-mountains, and personal travel and health tend to interupt a lot of events, But I Believe this seminar is ‘Critical’ for the increased-divine-development of believers, in this area, and the Revival, that I am expecting to hit thus area, soon! (BTW-By The Way).
.. I’m not Asking for anyone’s own money, but rather that God, Would Open a few divine-‘coin-purses’ , +/ or wallets, to help pay for the workbooks, dry-erase- items, 1-gross of 8¹/²” x 11,” flyers, and a “Banner”, for whatever building we can obtain, but at a Reasonable Price.
Eight people are Already Interested in starting Right Now, but I Know There’s More; because God Always has “More”, If we “A. S. K. ” (Matthew 7:7!)
Thank you for your prayers, and may the Lord, on High grant Your Petition, as well!
Amen. (Sgt.Tim)

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