My boyfriend proposed but not ready for marriage

by Kila (Chicago, IL)

Thank you heavenly father for everything you have done and doing for me. Heavenly Father I come to you today to ask for your help. My boyfriend proposed to me 3 years a go and I said yes but recently he told me that he is not ready for marriage. We have been together for 91/2 years and he still not ready heavenly father. I pray that whatever evil negative spirit that holding him back to leave him alone.

Heavenly father I ask that you help him to stop been so afraid and negative.Heavenly father I pray that you open up his mind, heart, spirit, soul,and faith in you heavenly father that everyting will be ok.I want us together to be ready for marriage and bless us to have a healthy, happy, and bless marriage. Heavenly father bless him, help him, heal him and guide his spirit. The name god the father god the son and holy spirit Amen.

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  1. Becareful what you ask for

    A man who proposes but isn’t ready is unsure of himself. His heart is double minded and no matter how earnestly you pray. You are asking for disaster. A man should pursue a woman that is Biblical. Proposing when he’s not ready for marriage reveals his character and his heart and speaks volumes that he doesn’t know what marriage and commitment are. It screams that he doesn’t know how to take care of a daughter of Zion’s heart. GOD is not going to answer a prayer to move another person who actually needs to be seeking GOD and obeying. It’s like trying to get a bird to fly by flapping its wings for it. God won’t take his fears away until he gives them to GOD. HE will get to keep doing this until he sees the needs in his own life to go forward and to let faith over ride his fear. You do not need a man like this until his love is mature and focused as Christ loved the church. Hard words I know but I am praying for you to realize your identity in Christ and for this man to grow up. I am praying GOD does what is best for you. Take all this to heart and don’t make excuses like you love him and he would be good for you. The snapshot you have right now …. that he’s conflicted is a true picture of the marriage you will have. He needs to grow and get alone with GOD.

  2. I know your pain

    Wow. First of all… I don’t think God is picky and choosey over “who’s prayers he will answer first” or where you stand with Christ. Gods love is boundless. He loves sinners in a sense, “more” then someone who knows his words by heart.
    I digress, the most important thing you can do in my eyes, is often the most simple… and at the same time .. the hardest.
    Be as honest! Say the most embarrassing crap that you worry over. If you can’t talk to someone about the troubles on your heart.. you might want to reevaluate where this relationship is going …and possibly what even keeps the two of you together.
    Its important to pray for Gods will to be done in your life. Seek His planned and perfect will for you and happiness will surely follow.

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