My Biological Family

by Martha ()

I was abused at 20 yrs old by my Dad/Hero. Not only did Dad lie about it, Mom & 5 other Siblings were lied to too. It killed me the Shock, the Hate, the PTSD. You don’t know what thought, date 4/14, violent movie, etc is going to Trigger It. Best advice, Know your Triggers. You never really recover. You try your damnest to cover, forget, change subject, walk away, anything to run away from your biggest fear. Your Dad. Not only that deal with him being your Hero from a little girl on. I was the blonde daughter. Daddy was closer to me. I’m Dad’s favorite cause I breakdown & go to Lord’s Dept store with him so he doesn’t have to go alone. Yeah that close. We were raised as individualists. Mom & Dad encouraged my Artistic talent. Boy was Dad disappointed I didn’t go to Art School for college. It was his dream for me. I tried my hardest to use my talent. He always asked me to draw then paint the Medfield house/home. I drawed it & it never seemed Perfect. As you grow older, sometimes life takes you away from your passion, your God Given Talent. God no longer speaks to your Artsy/Crafty side. You grow up & give up some of your loves. It’s just called Life. Anyway, my whole family, plus all the relatives, were told not to communicate with me. This was very difficult. So my friends became my family. Sherry knew everything. As a childhood friend, she knew my folks & siblings from playing at my home, going to church & becoming my best friend through choir in 4th grade (when we met).

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