My Beautiful Life

by Aja (Denver, CO)

Lord, you’ve blessed me all of my life. From my large fully functional family to every material possession i could ever waNt. I know this is because We work hard & because we believe. Ever since the day I gave my life to you I’ve been on a nobody or nothing can touch me high. I will accomplish everything I set my mind to And i am rich in everything. This is due to you, the thankfulness I wish to express to you and others on this Earth and beyond is unexplainable.

For the past year and some change, I’ve lost myself. Specifically, the main things that once motivated me everyday, are not a priority anymore. I do not like the woman I have become. Family has become secondary to some shady relationships. One of my favorite places, school, is not a place of enjoyment or a priority anymore, &this is highly unacceptable for myself because my college graduation hangs in the balance. Coming December 13 a month and a half away. My relationship with my boyfriend, a person who I love like family, is very unhealthy, what was once nothing but love has turned into us questioning the other’s honesty in relation to how much we love each other because of our actions. My friends, once plentiful and caring are all gone from my selfish and unselfish ways. I also have been having the worst time socializing, making others feel comfortable, or making new friends. This hurts because it is contrary to who I once was and my connections mean the most to me. Most importantly my faith in You and myself Lord has fallen.

I’m hurting so bad in the inside, I feel like I’ve done a full 360* turn of who I once was. Lord I ask you to help rid me of this unexplainable weakness and dark demon that has taken over my life. You’ve helped me to find who I am at such a young age, a task that most never get to accomplish. I ask you lord to please help me to get back to that beautiful young woman that we all know and help me to continue to grow into the strong, confident, successful adult I know you meant for me to be.

In Jesus’s name I pray, amen.

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